5 Games That I Want to Become a (Virtual) Reality

5 Games That I Want to Become a (Virtual) Reality



Virtual reality will either be an industry changing piece of technology that will eventually be found in every gamer’s setup, or on the other end of the spectrum, will be a gimmick that fades out of existence after a couple of years à la motion controls.

Gimmick or game changer, only time will tell. However, with the recent announcement of how much the PlayStation VR is going to cost I made up which of the upcoming VR headsets I’ll be picking up, if any. Well, it wasn’t just the price announcement that won me over, being that the PS4 is the only console I own thats getting a VR headset, that kind of helped a little bit, in a way the price just being a considerable amount below the asking of the Oculus Rift just made me feel as if the purchase would be justifiable when it came around to it, which I’m sure it will be.

Alongside the price and launch window of the PlayStation VR being announced, Sony also revealed a list of developers that are confirmed to be working on titles to be released on the VR later in it’s lifespan.

After reading Sony’s lovely list I got thinking about the potential that these developers have to make some absolutely incredible VR experiences, but also the potential that could come out of developers that weren’t confirmed to be working on the PS VR, and I decided to make myself a list of 5 things that I’d love to see come out of the PlayStation VR.

1. Final Fantasy VII Remake – Square Enix

It’s no secret that everybody loves Final Fantasy VII, it’s a fact. I love it, you love it and even your dog loves it, and I’m sure your dog is equally as excited for the upcoming remake of the acclaimed role-playing classic as I am.

With PlayStation VR players could have the chance to finally fulfil the childhood dreams they’ve always had of becoming Cloud Strife, exploring everything The Gaia has to offer with Red XIII and by your side. Wouldn’t that just be the best? I mean we’ve all wished upon a star that by some great miracle we’d wake up one morning with a Buster Sword beside our bed, right? Or is that just me?

Well it might just be me, but I would absolutely love to experience the remake of Final Fantasy VII through the eyes of Cloud. I mean with the combat mechanics taken from the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV, the fight sequences might make everyone a little bit motion sick, but that would definitely be something that I would have to experience.

2. Fallout 4 – Bethesda

Fallout 4 was probably the best game that I had the pleasure of experiencing last year, expanding on every aspect that made the critically acclaimed Fallout 3 so fantastic. For me, one of the main things that made the experience that Fallout 4 brought to the table was the world in which the game was set, that world being The Commonwealth.

With The Commonwealth being so incredible in scale, so densely inhabited and so vibrantly coloured it was definitely the most exciting video game environment to explore last year and with the recently announced DLC I’m really wishing that Bethesda completely blow my mind once again and bring the world of Fallout 4 to VR with a future expansion.

I’m about done with Fallout 4 until any of the DLC comes out for it, when it does you can bet that I’ll go and sink another 20 hours into it, but I don’t think I could ever be done with Fallout 4 if they brought it to the PlayStation VR. I think I’d just trade in my current life in place of being a vault dweller. Well, maybe not because, in reality, being a vault dweller would be pretty rubbish, but you get the point. It would be pretty fantastic to say the least.

3. Dead Space – Visceral Games

One of my favourite horror games of all time is, without a doubt, Dead Space 2. Everything about it was just gaming perfection to me, from the visuals, to the gameplay, to the story and the characters – I just simply don’t have any complaints to make about Dead Space 2, or the DLC story, entitled Dead Space 2: Severed.

On the other hand, one of my least favourite horror games of all time is Dead Space 3, if it can even be called a horror game, and it saddens me that Dead Space 3 is, quite possibly, the last instalment in the series. With sales and reviews of Dead Space 3 being considerably lower than the two previous main series instalments, hopes of a fourth Dead Space game are looking bleak.

Now, with that being said, the Dead Space franchise is still one that I absolutely adore, and yeah sure some of the games in said franchise haven’t been particularly incredible, the disappointing titles being the previously mentioned third instalment and the puzzle game spin off Dead Space: Ignition, but I firmly believe that a first-person Dead Space virtual reality experience could bring some new life to the well loved series. Imagine playing through Dead Space 2 through the eyes of Isaac Clarke. It would make the experience even more frightening than it previously once was, which mind you was already terrifying.

If it was done well and lived up to the expectations that Dead Space 2 left for the series it could, potentially, be one of the best horror experiences of all time, for me anyways. The series was already halfway there with the first-person instalment already have been done by the means of Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii, but just add VR into the equation and you could have one of the greatest horror experiences that video games has ever seen.

4. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – EA DICE

I’m really looking forward to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, as I’m sure a lot of other people are as tons of people have been begging EA for a second Mirror’s Edge game since the first one launched back in 2008. You remember Mirror’s Edge, right? That fantastic first-person free-running experience that nobody actually paid attention to when it came out and, for many, completed missed out on it?

I absolutely loved Mirror’s Edge, sure it wasn’t a perfect game by any means, the fighting mechanics of the game being the main flaw that comes to mind, but Mirror’s Edge was one of the most unique first-person games that I’d ever played up until that point, and in reality I don’t think that I’ve played anything quite as unique as it ever since.

Running over rooftops, leaping from building to building, sprinting through offices and jumping over rows of obstacles was already something that made me feel ridiculously cool whilst playing the original Mirror’s Edge, so I hope that I’ll feel even cooler when I get my hands on Catalyst. You know what would make me feel the absolute coolest though? Doing all of the previously mentioned activities, and more, with the added immersion that the PlayStation VR could bring. That would just make me feel ridiculously cool.

Ice cold.


5. Star Wars Battlefront – EA DICE

Even though it’s already been confirmed, little is known about the upcoming Star Wars VR experience.

Everybody’s dream of being able to control the powers of the force in the comfort of their own homes were pretty much shattered back when Kinect Star Wars came out back in 2012. Since then people’s hopes of pretending to be a Jedi in front of their television were looking bleak, but along with the announcement of the PlayStation VR’s release date shined a glimmer of hope.

Star Wars Battlefront is coming to PlayStation VR and Star Wars nerds, such as myself, couldn’t be happier.

Battlefront is one of the most canonically accurate Star Wars games that I’ve ever played. From the clothes the characters are wearing to the weapons they use, any Star Wars fan is sure to have a terrific experience whilst playing Battlefront. As well as being extremely accurate, Battlefront is one of the best looking games that I’ve ever seen in my life. One of the first things I thought when I played Battlefront for the first time was that I’d absolutely love to step through the screen of my television, pick up a blaster and start taking out waves and waves of Stormtroopers. Hopefully with the VR experience that’s soon to launch onto Sony’s headset, all of these lifelong dreams of people wanting to become Jedi’s will come true. I say hopefully because we could potentially get another destroyer of expectations and commercial failure just like the Kinect endeavour was, but I truly hope that this one delivers an incredible experience.


I just want to be a Jedi.


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