Stop Complaining About the Price of No Man’s Sky

Stop Complaining About the Price of No Man’s Sky



I’m sure you’ve heard by now that No Man’s Sky is going to cost £49.99 at launch, and if you know that then I’m sure that you’ve also seen the outrage of this news that’s taken place on the internet recently.

The price tag of around £49.99 is usually exclusive to the big AAA releases and many people are extremely disappointed at the cost of No Man’s Sky as it is being developed by indie team Hello Games, which in my personal opinion is absolutely ridiculous.

Just because the team behind No Man’s Sky are a small indie team it shouldn’t mean that they can’t charge full price for their game. No Man’s Sky is one of the biggest indie games of year, of all time in fact, and people are getting all riled up because the game isn’t going to be marked with a ‘typical’ indie game price tag ranging from £10.99 to £17.99? Would it be any different if it was published by a big name company, or being developed by a much larger, already well-established, team?

The main argument here is one of quality game vs. price and whether or not indie games share the same quality as AAA titles.

Just to point out, I’m not look forward to No Man’s Sky all that much. I’m sure it’ll be a great video game, but the whole idea of it just doesn’t appeal to me all that much. Even with that being said, I’m still not outraged by the price of it.

In my honest opinion I think that Hello Games can charge whatever they want for their game. It’s totally fine for bigger developers and publishers to charge £49.99 and up for their games, so why not Hello Games?

Star Wars Battlefront, published and developed by EA, was priced at £49.99 back when it was first launched and nobody complained about it. Why? Because it was produced by a bigger team? Because it was a bigger release? Because anything branded under the Star Wars franchise is immediately protected for any sort of complaints unless it’s one of the 3 prequel movies? Oh and don’t think that everyone has forgotten about the Star Wars Holiday Special, because I haven’t and neither have you.

Now I’ve played Battlefront and I actually really enjoy it. The thing is that I didn’t pay full price for it, in fact it was a gift so I didn’t pay anything, which could be a strong reason that I enjoy the game as much as I do. Would I be anywhere near as happy with Battlefront as I am if I’d paid full price for it? Probably not, to be perfectly honest with you. The quality of Star Wars Battlefront as a video game is absolutely superb, but what is actually included in the game as a package is something that I just wouldn’t have paid full price for, and that’s just it – I didn’t think that the game was worth £49.99 so I didn’t buy it, that was the decision I made. I didn’t go and attack EA because I disagreed with the price they were charging for their video game, I just didn’t buy the game and I wasn’t going to until it was a lot cheaper.

I’ve bought many games at full price and been painfully disappointed with the product I’ve gotten, and I’m sure that you have as well. Remember that time when we all went out and bought The Order: 1886 on launch day and were absolutely devastated that the game was essentially an interactive movie with about 2 hours of actually gameplay. We all felt a little bit ripped off, right? Would we have felt the same if we’d only paid half of that? At least then we’d paid a reasonable amount for the short experience we got, right? Nobody got particularly angry about the initial price of The Order because it was a AAA game, so £49.99 was the correct price that it should’ve cost, right?

If it was alright to charge full price for the short endeavour that The Order: 1886 was, then surely it’s alright for Hello Games to charge full price for their game as it’s meant to be one of the most expansive games ever made.

Until you’ve sat down and played No Man’s Sky there’s absolutely no point at being outraged by the cost of No Man’s Sky, you don’t know what it’s worth yet and neither do I, so why bother? For all we know No Man’s Sky could be the best game ever made, we could all get hundreds and thousands of hours out of it and it could definitely be worth the asking price of £49.99, if not more. Alternatively it could be a complete flop, being completely repetitive and we could all get really bored of it after about 20 hours. Nobody knows yet. Why does nobody know? Well, because it’s not out yet. The people complaining about the price of No Man’s Sky are probably the same people that have pre-ordered Uncharted 4 and are claiming that it’s going to be the best game ever just because they’ve loved all of they other Uncharted games. How do they know? It’s not out yet, so they don’t. For all they know it could be an absolutely terrible game. Nobody knows how good any game is going to be until they’ve played it, it’s as simple as that.

At the end of the day, it’s totally up to you, the consumer, what you pay for a game, but it’s also up to the developer what they want to charge for their game. It’s their product so they can charge whatever they feel it’s worth. If you’re not happy with the price of No Man’s Sky, that’s fine, just wait for it to go on sale to a price that you feel it’s worth paying and stop moaning, that’s not going to do anything but get people to write articles like this about it.


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