Nintendo Direct – 03.03.2016

Nintendo Direct – 03.03.2016

Nintendo Directs are undoubtably the holy grail of events for Nintendo fans and a couple of days ago, on the 3rd, Nintendo held one of these lovely events and gave us some information and release dates of titles heading to the Wii U and 3DS.


Nintendo kicked off this event in full swing by showing off a load of brand new gameplay footage for Star Fox Zero and with Miyamoto announcing that his previous new project, Project Guard, has evolved into another new Star Fox game entitled Star Fox Guard. In Star Fox Guard, players can view up to 12 different cameras to hunt down and defeat enemies who are attacking Grippy Toad’s mining site. The game roughly includes 100 missions, but players have the option to create their own challenges in a level editing mode, uploading them online and downloading other player’s missions.


The First Print Limited Edition of Star Fox Zero will include physical copies of both Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard alongside an exclusive SteelBook. Star Fox Guard will be a downloadable only title, but picking up this version of Star Fox Zero will be the only way of getting Star Fox Guard physically.


Star Fox Zero will be heading to shop shelves on the 22nd of April and for those not wanting the First Print Limited Edition of Star Fox Zero can download Star Fox Guard from the eShop on the same date.


Over 6.2 million user-created levels have been shared online in Super Mario Maker, which is an incredible amount of Mario levels to be played, even if a good number of those levels have been uploaded by kids that just upload levels consisting of as many enemies and coins that they could fit on the screen.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.18.09 p.m..png

Nintendo announced that they are adding Spiked Pillars, Keys, Key Doors and Pink Coins into the level editing portion of the game for players to expand their level designing skills. These new level elements seem to have a heavy focus on creating puzzles with players having the ability to make an enemy hold a key for a door that’s needed to progress or have the player collect all of the pink coins to be rewarded a key to finish the level.

Along with the new level editing items being added into the game, 12 new Mystery Mushroom costumes are being added into the game with this new update, the only one shown off to us was Tetra from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.26.55 p.m..png

This update also brings a new difficulty level to the already infuriating 100 Mario Challenge, this difficulty setting being Super Expert mode which consists of 6 extremely hard levels and can only be attempted once the original Expert mode has been completed.


J-RPG titans Atlus, best known for their series of Persona, Trauma Centre and Megami Tensei games, are teaming up with Nintendo to bring their latest title to the Wii U.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE takes huge inspiration from Atlus’ previous titles and merges some of Nintendo’s own Fire Emblem characters and staples into the mix. The gameplay looks to be an exciting mix of deep RPG elements found within Atlus games like Persona and the “adrenaline-fueled fun of a pop concert”.


The new RPG has a large focus on fame, style and modern Japanese culture with the game containing many music video, advertisement and concert pieces that will all be familiar with fans of J-Pop styles of music. To stay true to the game’s Japanese setting, the game will feature the original Japanese voice actors with English subtitles being added to releases in English speaking countries.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will be coming to the Wii U on the 24th of June this year.


Paper Mario will be returning to home consoles for the first time since Super Paper Mario on the Wii back in 2007, nearly 10 years since his last home console endeavour.

Colour Splash’s theme, if it wasn’t obvious from the title, is colour. The game is set in the new location of Prism Island, a colourful paradise that is rich with all kinds of bright and vibrant colours that is being drained of all it’s colour and beauty.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.23.40 p.m..png

As per usual, it’s Paper Mario’s job to figure out why this is happening, who is in charge of the operation and to put a stop to things. Armed with his Paint Hammer, a new item and weapon to the series, Paper Mario can splash paint on grey areas and objects on the island to restore colour to the environment and, in some cases, unlock new conversations to be had or buildings and locations to be explored.


The combat system looks to be in the same spirit of Paper Mario’s first portable adventure, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, with a turn-based system relying on the use of cards to issue attacks and use items. Personally, this worries me as I am a huge fan of the first two Paper Mario games and an equally big fan to the Mario & Luigi series of games and after playing the crossover title Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. I was under the assumption that Nintendo had realised that Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star were steps in the wrong direction for the series and were taking the Paper Mario series back to it’s roots of being a quirky turn-based RPG. I can’t make a definitive judgement this early on into the reveal, but I’m hoping the game doesn’t turn out to be another Sticker Star and that it’s more of a The Thousand Year Door.

Colour Splash is still in development and is aimed to be released on the Wii U later on in 2016.


My Nintendo is the new service that is replacing the now defunct Club Nintendo rewards system.

My Nintendo is an app based rewards system that rewards players with points by using Nintendo Apps and purchasing digital games from the Nintendo eShop. Whether or not new physical releases will come with codes to earn My Nintendo points is yet to be announced.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.22.23 p.m..png

The service has a pre-registration page that is live now so you can begin to get your account set up, ready for when the service launches later in March.

People that sign up for My Nintendo during the launch period will have access to download Flipnote Studio 3D directly to their Nintendo 3DS as a gesture of thanks for registering to the service.


Animal Crossing amiibo cards: Series 4 will be launching on the 17th of June with Series 3 will be released on the 18th of March alongside some new amiibo figures. These new amiibo cards brings the already massive total of cards up to a staggering 400 and the amiibo figures launching on the same day will consist of 3 figures from the Super Smash Bros. series and 4 from the Animal Crossing series.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.16.34 p.m..png

The 3 new Smash amiibo coming to store shelves will be the Famicom colours R.O.B., who was previously only available in Japan, Street Fighter’s Ryu and Fire Emblem’s Roy whilst the Animal Crossing line-up consists of Isabelle, this time sporting a new summer costume, Rover, Timmy & Tommy Nook and Kapp’n.


March 24th is the day that Wii U title Hyrule Warriors launches it’s portable counterpart, Hyrule Warriors: Legends, onto the 3DS. Nintendo revealed that all new copies of the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors will come with a code that allows owners of the Wii U version to download 5 new characters that were thought to be exclusive to the 3DS version along with a new weapon for Ganondorf.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.23.51 p.m..png

Also revealed was that Hyrule Warriors: Legends was going to be receiving a season pass that will give those that purchase it access to 4 new DLC packs and an exclusive costume for Ganondorf that looks to be themed off of his Wind Waker design.

Speaking of The Wind Waker, the first piece of additional content to hit both the 3DS and Wii U versions will be Medli from The Wind Waker. Armed with her unique harp, Medli will be available to download at the same time as the first DLC pack is released.


After a cringe-worthy intro dance sequence that we should just all completely forget about, we get to see a little bit of gameplay and from what I could tell, Yo-Kai Watch is a bit like Pokémon but instead of catching Pokémon in balls, you can creatures called Yo-Kai in your watch. Pokémon Wristwatch Version? I actually have no idea what Yo-Kai Watch is and I think I was too stunned by the weird intro dance to this segment to fully take in what I saw but from the looks of it, it just looks a bit like Pokémon, and I like Pokémon so that probably isn’t a bad thing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.25.06 p.m..png

Anyways, Pokémon Wristwatch Version… I mean Yo-Kai Watch will be able on the 3DS on the 29th of April and a demo for the game is available on the eShop now at the time of posting this.


Another Art Academy game. Not my cup of tea but this new Art Academy game follows the same guidelines as previous instalments in the series only this time with over 80 Disney and Pixar characters being able to be used as templates for drawings and tutorials available for those that aren’t as confident with their drawing things.


If the Art Academy games are up your street, you can pick up Disney Art Academy of the 15 of July.


Does anybody actually care about this game? I don’t. Do you? Basically all that was said about the game was that it started development in 2009 as a DSi game and that an abundance of love and care was put into the game to ensure that this would be another quality game in the Metroid Prime series.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.18.34 p.m..png

Watching the series director talk so passionately about Federation Force was just so painful, I mean they have to know that more or less every Metroid fan hates this game with a passion right?

If you really care, the game should be available this summer.


Exclusively on New 3DS systems, Super Nintendo games will be available to download via the Nintendo eShop. At current only Super Mario World and Earthbound are available to download, but  games are to be released each week and that titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Super Metroid, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 will soon be available.


Being released in pairs, if you were to go and buy one of the two titles in their respected release week, you’d have the option to download the second game at a special price of 50% off.


Not really any new news on Fates other than the Limited Edition of the game is being enriched with a SteelBook case and a double-sided poster being added into the package and that a rather fancy looking Fates themed New 3DS XL will be released alongside the game on May 20th.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.27.55 p.m..png

Fates Revelation will be exclusive to the Limited Edition for about 3 weeks, with it being available as DLC from the eShop on June 9th.


The legendary Dragon Quest VII has had a complete remake exclusively for the 3DS. The game boasts new 3D graphics, a complete re-translation of the story and new gameplay mechanics that make good use of the 3DS hardware and aims to be, and hopefully will, be available later at some point in 2016.


A new Monster Hunter game was revealed, a trailer was shown and that’s about it. All of the gameplay was to be shown off by Capcom in a livestream at a later date.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 5.33.17 p.m..png

All Nintendo revealed was that this is said to be the most customisable Monster Hunter experience yet, if you already own Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS you will receive some bonus content for Generations and that Marth from the Fire Emblem series will feature in Generations as, what looks to be, a set of armour and weapons to customise your character with.

No specifics were shown about the game but it is set to launch during summer this year.


The extremely fun and challenging Rhythm Paradise from the DS is getting a sequel! The game will contain over 100 mini games with 70 of them revived from the Japense GameBoy Advance title, the original DS game and Beat the Beat on Wii, along with 30 brand new mini games.


The game is set to launch at some point during 2016. Seeing how similar the 2 games are in spirit, I just wish that Nintendo would bring back the WarioWare series.


Everybody’s favourite hungry pink ball is back and this time he has to rise up against robot foes to save Dreamland from being mechanised forever. The game takes great inspiration from Kirby: Triple Deluxe, but adds a few new features into the mix.


The main new mechanic that this game in the series offers is the ability for Kirby to dawn a set of Robobot armour, a mechanised suit, to defeat enemies and destroy obstacles throughout the level with 10 of the copy abilities that Kirby usually has access to, enhanced to a ridiculous level of power.

There’s also a co-op mode in this new Kirby adventure, titled Team Kirby Clash up to 4 players can join forces in a boss rush style of mode. Experience points are earned whenever a boss is defeated and are used to level your Kirby up to be able to defeat stronger bosses along the way.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 9.21.34 p.m..png

Planet Robobot is compatible with every amiibo released so far, with some amiibo giving you specific abilities that coincide with a characteristic of whatever amiibo you decide to tap. As an example if the Link amiibo is used, Kirby will inhale the sword ability and the fire ability if Mario is used. Kirby will learn his Super Smash Bros. move set if the Kirby amiibo is used, which I found absolutely hilarious as I am a huge Smash fan.


New amiibo figures will also be released alongside Planet Robobot, the figures being new versions of Kirby, King DeDeDe and Meta Knight as well as a brand new Waddle Dee amiibo.

Kirby: Planet Robobot and the new amiibo figures will be available on the 10th of June.


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